About EDEI

Project Background

During the COVID19 pandemic, digital technologies such as radios, televisions, mobile tablets, smartphones and other electronic gadgets helped millions of Nigerians, particularly school children, in access learning content or information online, however, more than 23 million school-aged children in rural communities were left behind (TEP Centre, 2020). While it is reported that 67 per cent of households in Nigeria do not have the internet at home, it is widely known that location, access to digital tools and cost are major barriers that accounts for why 58% of Nigerian adults do not use the internet at all and 68% of children across Nigeria are continually denied technology access. In the event of mass school closures, this gap continues to limit students in remote areas, and as such, they are unable to adapt to the pandemic and realize the full power of remote learning and distance education opportunities. Providing rural schools, local education authorities and remote communities with relevant information and online education resources for effective use of information and communication technologies to drive the widespread adoption of remote learning opportunities remains the ultimate game changer.

Our Response

Facilitate and coordinate a user-centered, digital poverty survey through grassroots and regional consultations to map the magnitude and establish the realities of education digital inequity.

Engage local and national education authorities, community school administrators and communities to support 48 community schools and communities in education digital equity.

Gather adequate lessons to inform state and national policies that will close the digital divide to build resilience for digitally excluded communities against future pandemics.

Produce and widely disseminate a comprehensive, actionable evidence-based toolkit that will provide information access and ensure digital learning support for schools and communities to leverage digital/online learning opportunities.

Impact Metrics

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